Traditional vs. Flexible Search

We offer users the option to enter a search in the traditional from/to/date format (traditional search), or simply enter their desired destinations and number of nights at each (flexible search). 



Traditional search returns both the route in the order it was entered, and Trip Ninja's flexible suggestion. This allows users to enter the search in a way that is familiar to them. 




Flexible search allows completely flexible users to simply enter their desired destinations, and the number of nights at each. 


Customized Results

We understand that "best" is subjective, so our technology allows your clients to express exactly what they value in an itinerary.

Time Value

Users can enter their "time value" when searching to determine how much more they are willing to pay for an hour less spent in transit, thus allowing time and cost trade-offs to occur automatically. This feature is especially useful business travelers, and those that value their time on the ground. 


Lock In Destinations

In flexible search, users can decide to lock in certain destinations as either their first to visit, or last to visit. This feature allows users with partial flexibility to still reap benefits from flexible travel. This feature is ideal for fixed events like weddings, or conferences.