Frequently Asked Questions


What is Trip Ninja?

Trip Ninja is a search tool that allows flexible travelers to find the best route for their multi-city trip. Current search tools require that travelers who are flexible in the order in which they visit destinations manually enter all possible combinations to determine the best route, while Trip Ninja only requires a user’s desired destinations and number of nights at each. It automatically searches dozens of combinations and returns the result.


What kinds of trips is it good for?

Trip Ninja is ideal for all online travel agencies. We designed it for flexible multi-destination trips, though we can also return traditional ordered routes. We’ve found it’s ideal for trips such as Europe trips, Asia Trips, gap-year trips, and any other vacation where users are visiting multiple places but don’t care about the order.


What if users need to be somewhere at a given date?

Our technology allows users to lock in either their first or last destination. This is ideal for travelers that have to attend fixed events like weddings, conferences, concerts, or family get togethers.


Where do you get your flight information from?

Currently integrated with Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan on Travelport and working to integrate with Amadeus. 


Where can I get the most up to date news on what Trip Ninja is up to?

Follow us on Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn


What about hotels, hostels, cars, and trains?

While we currently don’t offer hotels, hostels, cars, or trains, as we continue improving the product we plan on adding these additional features.


Who is the team behind Trip Ninja?

We are people who love travel but are not satisfied with what solutions are currently out there. Most of our team met at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia where we started Trip Ninja. We have since won the Dalhousie 100k Competition and completed the Dal LaunchPad Accelerator. We’re currently in Propel ICT where we continue to improve our service.


Are there investment opportunities?

Yes! Contact us at to learn more.