Founded in 2015, Trip Ninja has developed one of the most innovative search technologies to ever hit the travel market. 

Trip Ninja came from our own frustrations with planning trips to Europe. It took forever to find the best route, and given our engineering background we knew there had to be a better way. It took a lot of effort, a lot of math and coding, but we have created the first tool able to find the best route for multi-destination trips. We've tested it against experienced travel agents and have found immense savings.

Trip Ninja has been a pan-Canadian effort, with team members working remotely on their free time. Development has taken over 2 years, with several iterations, until we have arrived at a product we are ready to share with the world.


Happy travelling!

Andres Collart
CEO - Trip Ninja Inc.


Andres Collart
CEO, Co-Founder


Brett Ziegler
COO, Co-Founder


Julieta Collart
Business Strategist, Co-Founder



Rob Dumont
Front End Developer, Co-Founder