Leverage flexibility to reduce airfare costs

By simply changing the order in which destinations are visited, users can save on airfare. We allow users to simply enter their desired destinations, and the number of nights at each. Our algorithm then searches dozens of potential routes, and returns the best result. 


Improve the multi-city search experience

We save users time by eliminating the need to manually check each combination, saving customers hours and increasing your agency's multi-city conversion rates. License our API and integrate our solution directly into your site. 

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Integrate Directly

Integrate our unique search technology directly into your website and improve the search experience of your customers.

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Customize Results

Determine what your customers' "best route" is by changing the weight of overall cost, and transit time.

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Improve Conversions

Currently, multi-city trips convert at roughly half the rate of one-way, and round-trip flights. We ease the search process and reduce the cost of fares, encouraging bookings.